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How to promote your school's voucher collection

Once you have registered for the program, think about how you’ll get everyone excited about collecting vouchers. Below are a few helpful tips to get everyone on board and motivated to collect vouchers for your school.

First up identify your goal:

  • Create your wishlist of all the sports gear your school would like to aspire to receive
  • Share your school's voucher tally goal with all your students and wider school community

 Communicate your school's within your school community:

1.         Posters

Once you’ve registered to participate in the Coles Sports For Schools program, we’ll send your school a registration pack which will include a number of posters. Hang these posters around your school to promote the Coles Sports for Schools program and get your students excited about collecting vouchers.

2.         Voucher collection box

In your registration pack you will also find a colourful Sport For Schools voucher collection box to place collected vouchers in. Place the collection box in a prominent position that can be accessed by all students, parents and visitors to your school. Each week, you can count your vouchers and update your tally on the Coles Sports For Schools website. Clearly mark your counted vouchers so you don’t have to count them again! Should your collection box get too full please ensure you carefully store your counted vouchers in a safe place ready for return at the end of the program.

3.       Online thermometer

When you login to your school’s homepage on the Coles Sports for School website, you’ll find an online target thermometer. This thermometer will automatically update when you enter your weekly tally. It will also indicate how many more vouchers you need to collect to reach your wishlist goal. You can download this and attach to your newsletter too.

4.         Communicate with parents

Send a letter to parents to let them know that your school is collecting vouchers, to encourage them to help collect vouchers for your school and promote voucher collection among family and friends. If you participated in the Coles Sports for Schools program last year don’t forget to include images and stories of equipment the school received and how the school has used their new equipment.

 Communicate your school's goal with the wider community

1.       Banners

In your registration pack you’ll find a large Coles Sports for Schools banner. Hang this banner in a location where the community can see that your school is participating and collecting Coles vouchers. This is a great way to promote your voucher collection to the community and generate excitement about the Sports for Schools program.

 2.       Local Media

Contacting your local media is a great way to promote your school’s voucher collection within the local community.  The local media may want to interview you for an article or come to your school to take a photo for the local newspaper. Download our media guide here for some useful tips on how to go about communicating with your local media. You may even like to invite your local Store Manager to attend!


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